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Author Archives: Marie-Therese

  • How to achieve consistent volume when watching TV and streaming

    The problem of fluctuating volume levels when watching TV and streaming is common knowledge. Sometimes it’s the commercials, just too loud when compared to the much quieter remaining programming, sometimes it’s the streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +, much louder when compared to TV programs, or it’s the almost obligatory volume jumps …

  • Suppressing disturbing background music and noise on TV

    The classic TV and streaming situation: You’re watching an exciting movie, it’s heading towards the finale. More and more action, music and sounds are added to the actors’ dialogs and that’s when it happens: the crucial scene is running, everything has been cleared up, the mysteries have been solved, except for one and that’s the …

  • TV speakers for seniors

    Hearing can decline with age. For many, hearing loss, especially in the higher frequencies, begins in midlife. This doesn’t have to be debilitating, as the brain comes to terms with it and you don’t notice the difference from full-frequency hearing again until you artificially add the decreased frequencies. Many technologies do this by a preliminary …

  • Why are movies on TV sometimes loud and sometimes quiet?

    One of the main reasons why movies are sometimes loud and sometimes quiet is the way they are produced. Sound effects such as explosions, gunshots or music can be very loud and thus increase the volume level. Dialog, on the other hand, should normally be easily intelligible and not drowned out by other sounds. However, …

  • Improve TV sound – consistent volume and clear speech

    The sound provided by TV sets is usually not of the same quality as that provided by other audio sources such as speakers or headphones. This is because the sound from televisions is often neglected, as the focus is more on picture quality. Reasons for worse TV sound: Flat speekers Due to the fact that …

  • Why dialogs in old movies are easier to understand

    You realise it when watching old movies: often the actors seem to speak much more intelligibly, there is clear separation between music and sound on one hand, and dialog on the other so that the dialog always stands out clearly from the background music. There are a few reasons for this impression;, audio in movies …

  • Kronoton receives innovation seal from Federal Ministry of Education and Research for its research competence

    The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has confirmed Kronoton’s innovative research competence. Kronoton not only has innovative ideas in the audio sector, but also conducts profound research that is relevant to the market. In doing so, the company has received the seal variant, which stands for companies that conduct research and development (R&D) …

  • Press release: Kronoton’s HDSX TV Sound Optimizer conquers North America

    With London Drugs, the audio company from northern Germany expands its dealer network across the Atlantic for the first time and gains an innovative trading partner with the traditional company in the western part of Canada. Reinbek, May 31th, 2023. Fluctuating volume levels and incomprehensible dialogs when watching TV or streaming are not only a …

  • General press information

    Here Fact Sheet PDF you will find general information about Kronoton. Here ZIP you will find general images. Source: Kronoton GmbH

  • Press release: The sound revolution for TV and streaming continues: HDSX TV Sound Optimizer now also with HDMI connection.

    One year after the release of the small device against volume fluctuations while watching TV, Kronoton launches another sound innovation as Add-On in the HDMI version with HDSX.360 The sound forge from northern Germany thus expands the technical installation option of the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer, which ensures consistent volume and intelligible dialogue when watching …

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