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Background music in the gym: HDSX-box optimizes sound

Optimal background music in the gym

Anyone who has ever worked out on the equipment in a gym knows how important the right music and atmosphere are for a good exercise experience. Music motivates, gives rhythm and spurs you on. Even if many athletes now have their own music on their ears, background music is of great importance for every studio.

As soon as you enter, the music sets the atmosphere. Without music, only the sounds of the machines and the movement of the appliances would make up the background noise. That’s why music is indispensable. However, it must not be too loud on the floor, and the volume must always be adjusted depending on the style of music.

We try to create a pleasant atmosphere with the HDSX-box without disturbing the others (self-listeners). Nevertheless, we want to make the music audible in all areas of the gym and create a good atmosphere with the background music.

The HDSX-box guarantees an absolutely stable volume. Once set, the music system delivers every selected music track at a reliably consistent volume. Whether dance music or soul from the 70s – the HDSX-box stabilizes every song.

What’s more, with the HDSX-box all sound gaps in the room disappear. Even where there are no speakers directly on the wall, the musical energy of the HDSX-box delivers a consistent listening experience. Special request from the studio manager: “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica. It starts quietly and ends boldly. Can the box do that?

She can. The song remains equally loud over its entire length, the beginnings are clearly audible, the increase at the end does not result in overdrive – the HDSX-box system delivers absolutely stable volume levels – throughout the room.

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