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Better sound in the outlet center thanks to HDSX

Outlet centers are an Eldorado for shopping enthusiasts. Many brands in a small space and products at affordable prices make these shopping centers popular places. The centers are designed as pedestrian zones and offer a pleasant atmosphere throughout.

In addition to fashion stores, there are cafés and restaurants to make your stay a pleasant one. The pedestrian zones are also filled with music throughout, creating a “lively atmosphere”. Music is therefore an important part of the overall concept. Naturally, the paths outside are overlaid with all kinds of ambient noise: a fountain here, the highway there, large groups of people and chairs. In short: if the background music is set too low, it is often no longer heard. Simply “turning up the volume” is not an option either, because after a quiet song, a dynamic, loud piece is guaranteed to follow. When the ambient noise is a little lower, the loud music disturbs the shopping experience.

Until now, this difficult initial situation could not actually be solved technically. The fluctuations in volume were simply part of it until now. With the HDSX-box, however, these problems are finally a thing of the past. Before we carry out the installation, we do a walk-through with the center management and have them show us all the “problem areas”. Sometimes the volume is too high due to the building architecture, sometimes you can hardly hear any music because the background noise is too loud. A special challenge awaits us in the middle of the communicative square. There, two loudspeakers supply the plaza over an entire distance of more than 40 meters. It is not possible to fill the square evenly with sound in this way; on the contrary, there are even latencies that result in an unpleasant echo for the visitor.

We install an HDSX box in the center and walk the entire site again. And the result is impressive. The music sounds evenly across the entire surface. Places that were just too loud are now pleasantly filled with sound. The places where the ambient noise drowned out the music are given a significant increase in musical presence. Despite the background noise, the music is easy to understand without being too intrusive. Special highlight: The plaza with the two distant loudspeakers no longer has any echo. The gap between the speakers closes as if by magic.

Without installing additional loudspeakers or replacing the system components, the sound of the entire outlet center could be optimized simply by installing the HDSX-box – for even more shopping enjoyment.

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