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HDSX - Discover the new freedom of sound

Our vision: making the world a better sounding place

Kronoton develops and markets products in the field of audio, based on its own technologies. The company, based in Reinbek near Hamburg, Northern Germany, is internationally active and provides the new freedom of sound with its products under the brand HDSX – High Definition Sound Expansion.

Numerous patented sound solutions revolutionise individual requirements in any audio field. As the world market leader in the field of sound expansion, Kronoton is active in all relevant markets in Europe, Asia and the USA.

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research has confirmed Kronoton’s innovative research competence by awarding its seal for companies that conduct research and development (R&D) in-house.

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Business segments

Our sound solutions can be flexibly integrated and are also available as hardware solutions.


Retail: The HDSX-box for consistent background sound

The HDSX-box is our professional solution for background sound systems in large rooms, e.g. in hotels, restaurants, on cruise ships or at airports – without having to replace the already installed system. Sound holes, fluctuating volumes and incomprehensible announcements are now a thing of the past. The result is satisfied customers who can immerse themselves in your brand world at the point of sale without finding background noise disturbing.
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Perfect sound ambience with the HDSX-box

If ceiling or wall loudspeakers are installed far away from each other in large rooms, sound holes with too little sound pressure are often created. Simply increasing the volume is not a suitable solution in this case, as it then becomes too loud in other places.

Only the HDSX-box solves these commonly known sound problems of background music, namely fluctuating volumes even within music titles and playlists as well as a lack of fullness of sound between speakers installed far away from each other.

Whether at the doctor’s, in hospital or at the airport: in waiting situations, time seems to stand still. The right background music brings movement to this apparent standstill, but with calm and composure. The optimal and long-term reliable volume, intensity and coverage is essential here to catch the waiting people and accompany them over time.
Up to now, it has not been possible to achieve the important uniformity of sound, since every music title has dynamic fluctuations within itself and music titles of different genres and years of publication within playlists have different basic volume levels. Furthermore, a perfect sound atmosphere can only be created if it is perceived uniformly over the entire room and not selectively, depending on the proximity to a loudspeaker. The HDSX-box creates a perfect sound ambience by simply plugging the unit between the music player and the amplifier of the sound system. Try it out, you will be thrilled.

Passenger sitting in a lobby airport waiting for flight

Background music has many positive effects on our leisure behaviour: It can push us to peak performance or put us into a blissful state of relaxation that opens the mind and releases new energy. Up to now, music has been brought into the respective rooms according to its effect, from fitness centres to yoga rooms to skate centres and many more facilities. The challenge: the optimal volume, intensity and area coverage, especially at quiet volumes, could not be perfected in the long run, because every music title has dynamic fluctuations within itself and music titles of different genres and release years within playlists have different basic volumes. Furthermore, a perfect sound ambience can only be created if it is perceived evenly across the entire room and not selectively, depending on the proximity to a loudspeaker. HDSX creates this perfect sound ambience by simply plugging the HDSX-box between the music player and the amplifier of your sound system. Try it out, you will be thrilled.

People running on treadmill in gym doing cardio workout

The people-to-people encounter within a perfect staging at the point of sale is the key to successful sales.
Sound systems that provide background music are therefore used in a targeted manner. Background music that is too loud or too quiet is distracting, especially if the sound intensity varies greatly depending on the position of the customer in the room.
Furthermore, shopping centres often have the problem that the sound system, which was actually only designed for emergency announcements, does not have an acceptable sound and is therefore often not played with background music at all.
The HDSX-box stabilises the sound of the music and thus provides the loudspeakers with more sound in the radiation without overloading them.

Because of the area-wide stabilisation, the sound also connects better in the zones between speakers, creating a more even sound coverage that is pleasantly perceived as a sound ambience. Try it out, you will be thrilled.


A perfect sound ambience welcomes your guests and accompanies them throughout their stay in your establishment.
What does perfect mean? It means that the background music is perceived as a constant and non-intrusive companion, thus supporting the enjoyment in your establishment. Once located as sound, it should be reliable, because then your guests will concentrate on themselves and their experiences.
Tests have shown that guests become quiet in their own conversations when the sound is pre-planned, as no one feels the need to generally talk louder in the expectation that the music will soon get louder again, as is the case without HDSX. HDSX creates this perfect sound ambience by simply plugging the HDSX-box between the music player and the amplifier of your sound system. Try it out, you will be thrilled.


HDSX stabilizes sounds in real time and closes existing sound gaps. A sound canopy is formed for an incomparable, uniform and dynamic listening experience on the sales floor

Nils Mayer

Head of Business Development Radio P.O.S. GmbH, Kiel

The HDSX-box gives us for the first time the ability to reliably set the background music in its spatial volume for a perfect sound ambience throughout the day. The positive feedback from our guests confirm the use of the technology.

Pepi Felipe

Deli management at the Bullerei, Hamburg

Our customers appreciate us every day as a special place where they like to spend time and discover new things. Background music is an important atmospheric building block for our staging, which we put into scene perfectly with the HDSX-box..

Daniel Alpert

Pasing Arcaden

A perfect enjoyment experience requires a timelessly modern staging. Background music is an important building block here, which immediately appeals to the senses and acoustically transports our brand. This is what HDSX manages for the first time and we are very happy about that.

Yvonne und Alexander Tschebul

Owner of the top gastronomies Tschebull and Rive Fish & Faible, Hamburg



HDSX algorithms are carefully designed to render out the best sound quality from small to mid sized car sound systems. Where costs and time to market is essential and audio hardware shall be saved by using as few loudspeakers as possible, our innovative and patented new approach of extending the sound field in 360 degrees enables small sound systems to blossom. Natural enriched sound field, focused stage, clear bass, very low footprint. HDSX is a game changer, delivering big sound from small speaker systems.

  • HDSX 360 creates cabin filling and multi dimensional sound by using only two audio channels in the front.
  • The rear speakers can be saved.
  • This is a milestone for E-mobility.
  • HDSX 360 simplifies design and sound tuning, reduces costs and power consumption and increases the range.
  • The unique stereo to 360 sound widening solution expands the sound field in every direction around the front and rear passengers.
  • The sound is perceived as detached from the loudspeakers in a 3D manner.
  • The directional enriched sound field produces a dedicated stage at ear level, clear voices and perfect positioning of every musical information around the singer and dialogues.
  • HDSX.virtual center enables the advantages of a discrete center channel without having one to save costs without losing sound.
  • RealCenter® technology extracts the phantom center information precisely from the incoming stereo signal.
  • Enhancing focus with independent virtual center control of loudness as well as exceptional dialogue clarity by using only two loudspeakers instead of three.
  • HHDSX.multichannel combines the natural 360 degree sound enrichment of HDSX with the multi dimensional listening experience of multichannel sound
  • Carefully designed with knowledge of the special sound challenges of a car interior.
  • Stable sound scene in every loudness level.
  • Enables surround- and 3D sound fields 4.0/4.1; 5.0/5.1; 6.0/6.1; 7.0/7.1 and 5.1.2.
  • Fast and efficient tuning parameters reduce time to market
  • HDSX.bass is an unique bass enhancement solution with the focus of a consistent clear and natural bass experience across different kinds of contents from songs, playlists, broadcasters up to various streaming content.
  • HDSX.bass extends the perceived bass response by weighting the bass level dynamically in realtime
  • Especially designed with the focus of a natural and dynamic bass enrichment, that really fits to the content, that is heard.
  • Also very beneficial for subwoofer applications, that shall be positioned perfect and reliable into the sound field.


When placed directly on or in the ear, the soundstage of headphones and Ear Buds is by its very nature relatively small. It only reaches from one ear to the other and not, as normally without headphones, meters around you. Very close, flat and sometimes constricting is the listening result, which also makes comfortable listening over a longer period of time difficult.

Our HDSX.headphone algorithm fixes this problem by expanding the sound field in all directions around the head. The sound detaches from the ear cups and forms a balanced and natural 3D sound field the way it feels even with uncovered ears. Stereo sources are fanned out and processed for fatigue-free listening in real time. Whether music or speech, even the quietest nuances can be precisely located.

The result is simply more fun listening to music, movies and even games. HDSX gets great sound out of even the smallest headphones, with a footprint so small that you don’t have to compromise on battery life.


The Team

All those who work at and for Kronoton are passionate enthusiasts and experts for perfect sound. Whether as a permanent employee or part of the network, whether at the company’s headquarters or in the network in Germany and around the world, everyone works together to ensure that people can enjoy their favourite TV series or music clearly, understandable and relaxed.

Gunnar Kron is founder and managing director of Kronoton and the master mind behind all software and hardware solutions. He develops all of the company’s technologies and products and is supported by a team of programmers and engineers.

Gunnar has been a presenter, production manager and programme director at various radio and TV stations. With his own music production company, he not only produced songs, but specialised mainly in broadcast and on air station designs. Until the founding of Kronoton, he worked together with various artists as a composer and music producer.

In the early 2000s, a commission for the broadcast packaging of an internationally operating TV station confronted Gunnar as a music producer with a seemingly unsolvable task: the jingles had to be able to be played in mono, stereo and surround without any loss of sound. This requirement could not be solved with the state of the art at that time. Gunnar did not let himself be stopped and achieved the supposedly impossible. He developed an algorithm and thus expanded the sound field in the room without restricting the listeners’ freedom of movement. His production was thus compatible with all three reproduction techniques and always sounded individually optimal. That was the beginning of HDSX.


Marc Schulze is the hardware specialist at Kronoton. As a trade and technology expert, he is not least the head of the service department.
Marc looks back on decades of experience in the field of analogue and digital audio systems in trade. During this time, he has assisted musicians and bands from advising them on software and hardware equipment for their recording studios to planning, installing and supporting them. He is involved in many national and international chart hits with his technical expertise.


Marie-Therese Kron is responsible for all communications at Kronoton.
She first studied music and acted as a classical concert pianist for many years. She gave numerous concerts and won various competitions at a young age.
After studying journalism and later marketing and sales, she worked in various areas of the communications industry. Due to her trained ear, she is very close to the developments in the house. No product has ever left the house without her Go.



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