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HDSX TV Sound Optimizer Toslink


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HDSX TV Sound Optimizer with powerful DSP for consistent volume and intelligible speech on TV

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Every return worsens our joint carbon footprint. It is therefore best to check before
of the order to see if you have taken everything into account:

  • Do you have an external sound system, such as a soundbar, with which the
    HDSX TV Sound Optimizer is connected? Only connected to the TV,
    our device does not work.
  • Do you have all the cables you need? For example, one that your soundbar
    with our HDSX TV Sound Optimizer?
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Patented audio technology for unique TV sound

Experience TV sound without volume fluctuations. The remote control only regulates the program selection, a consistent volume and intelligible dialogues are made possible by this unique innovation from Germany. A powerful chip ensures the highest sound quality and best TV sound enjoyment.

Technical data

  • Enclosure: Metal, black
  • Power supply: DC 5V via Micro-USB-B-socket
  • Audio Input: Toslink | Digital optical
  • Audio Output Toslink: Toslink | Digital optical
  • Audio Output Analog: 3,5 mm mini jack Stereo
  • Weight: 102 g
  • Dimensions: Length: 5,3 cm, Wide: 9 cm, Height: 2,38 cm
  • Soundformat: PCM Stereo to Hi Resolution Audio 96kHz, 24 bit
  • Immersive: HDSX.headphone Surround Sound included in the signal from the Audio Output Analog

Delivery contents

  • HDSX TV Sound Optimizer Toslink
  • Cable USB 2.0, USB-A-connector to Micro-USB-B-connector (50 cm)
    (This cable is located in the right inner wall of the packaging)
  • Cable Toslink (50 cm)
    Please remove protective caps at both ends before use
  • Self-adhesive Velcro straps for fixing the unit behind your TV set
  • 4x Rubber feet, self-adhesive for placing the unit on a horizontal
  • User Manual

Enthusiastic reviews

Satvision (issue 5/2021):

“The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer … achieves the top rating of ‘very good’. Significantly responsible for this is the fact that it completely fulfills its promise, namely to make voices more understandable as well as to eliminate sound fluctuations between different channels, content and playback media without cutting off certain frequencies.”

Süddeutsche (04/25/2021):

“The constant back and forth with the volume rocker is no longer necessary, and the best thing: Unlike the night mode of some soundbars, which simply cut off the volume peaks, you still don’t have the feeling as a listener that the sound is leveled here.”

Service line & technical support

Our service line is on for you: Call us at 0800 767 68 74 (free of charge in Germany) or write to info@hdsx.com, and we will be happy to help you with any questions during our service hours.

Our team, led by Marc Schulze, Manager Devices & Commerce, looks forward to hearing from you.


4 reviews for HDSX TV Sound Optimizer Toslink

  1. English

    Hans-Joachim Janzon

    Das ist ein Super-Teil und jeden Cent wert! Gleichmäßige Lautstärke! Klare und verständliche Sprache auch bei Geräusch- oder Musikuntermalung! Das , was versprochen wurde, ist hundertprozentig erfüllt worden. Hinzu kommt die super-einfache Handhabung, die auch problemlos von jedem Laien ausgeführt werden kann. Dieses kleine technische Gerät wird im Test zu recht mit “Sehr gut” beurteilt.

  2. English

    Rolf Schweisguth

    Super Verarbeitung , echte Verbesserung bei aktuellen Kino und Fernseh-Produktionen , einfacher komfortabler Anschluss.

  3. English

    O. Wolf (verified owner)

    Um es kurz zu machen, ich bin begeistert. Dialoge sind jetzt klar und deutlich zu verstehen.

  4. English

    Peter Maywald (verified owner)

    Deutliche Verbesserung der Sprachverständlichkeit. Das wurde versprochen und auch geliefert. Besonders zu erwähnen, der super kundenorientierte Support. Hilfsbereit, freundlich und schnell. Hier hat das Wort “Kundendienst” noch seine Bedeutung.

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