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Relieving the workload of bakery-café staff with the HDSX-box

No more guest complaints about background music

Everyone knows the small cafés of bakeries and patisseries. In addition to the sales counter for the take-away goods, there are seating areas right next to it where you can enjoy the delicacies with a hot drink on the spot.

As this form of consumption becomes more and more popular and also increasingly attractive as a meeting place for neighbors, more and more providers are starting to offer music in the café. The problem: If the volume cannot be set reliably, regular guests will complain that the music is too loud or too quiet. As a result, the sales staff adjust the volume to compensate for the complaint. As a rule, she has to leave her workstation and go into a separate room to adjust the volume there. Depending on how different the music styles of the selected tracks are, this adjustment is repeated several times a day. No wonder everyone is unhappy at the end of the day: The customers who are bothered by music that is too loud. And the employees who can’t get to their job.

We have used the HDSX-box in such an environment in a café with frequent volume adjustments per day. The algorithm calculates and adjusts the volume of the music in real time. The result: the music is even and intelligible without the guests finding it too loud. Immediately after installing the HDSX-box, all complaints disappear. This immediate effect was confirmed during a test run lasting several weeks. Since the installation, there have been no more noise complaints in the store. Customers happy – employees relieved.

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