Perfectly balanced TV sound

Decide now against annoying volume fluctuations and for clear word intelligibility. The world novelty HDSX TV SOUND OPTIMIZER gives you the new freedom of watching TV. Your neighbors will love you. The Early Bird charge has been completely sold out since May,5th. Save your unit now from the next delivery. You will get the model “S” with HDSX.headphone onboard at price of €129,00. Estimated delivery time: 7 weeks. Or register for our newsletter. We will let you know as soon as units are available again, that are not pre ordered. Only while stocks last.


Consistent volume

Clear dialogue

Uncompressed sound quality
(PCM stereo)


Carefully designed for the perfect TV listening experience. Just the size of a palm, the HDSX TV SOUND OPTIMIZER can be mounted directly behind your TV. It is invisibly powered by its energy-efficient USB port. Cables and mounts for easy plug and play are included.


energy consumption


Spatial Surround Sound


Plug and Play

Best sound

Intelligent volume control in real time. Massive action scenes retain their intensity. Dialogue is intelligible throughout, all programs are equally loud. Easy on your ears and neighbors. 360-degree headphone sound* delivers great cinema. Interference-free optical Toslink digital connections guarantee the highest sound quality in PCM stereo uncompressed audio format.

*only Model “S” with HDSX.headphone at the ANALOG output


Soundbar, mobile speaker, hi-fi system; flexibly use the speaker system that you currently have at home. Thanks to parallel synchronized digital and analog output, they can also enjoy the program simultaneously via headphones. So all come to their personal listening pleasure, simply by plug and play.


Decide now against annoying volume fluctuations and for understandable dialogues even at low volumes. The new freedom of television.