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Consistent volume and clear speech for TV and streaming

The world novelty: The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer. Decide now against annoying volume fluctuations and for understandable dialogues when watching TV and streaming. Discover the new freedom of sound.

Easy Integration

Simply plug the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer between your TV and external sound system, like a soundbar, and instantly experience consistent volume and intelligible speech. Whether it’s a soundbar, mobile speaker or hi-fi system, enjoy the new freedom of watching TV.

Consistent volume

No more commercials that are too loud, dialogue that is too quiet, and constant readjustment via remote control. The patented cutting-edge technology HDSX.volume optimizes the sound in real time and in maximum sound quality.

Clear dialogue

Intelligent optimization of speech intelligibility in real time. Patented cutting-edge technology HDSX.speech makes dialogues consistently intelligible, whether it’s a massive action scene or a quiet love scene.

Thoughtful design

Carefully designed for the perfect TV listening experience. Just the size of a palm, the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer can be mounted directly behind the TV. It is invisibly powered via its energy-efficient USB port.

True front sound entertainment
The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer adapts TV, cinema, streaming or gaming sound to playback through an external sound system. For the first time, this innovation takes into account that a home audio system has a different sound reproduction behavior than the speaker systems of large production studios. You’ve never heard your external sound system sound so balanced and articulate.

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HDSX TV Sound Optimizer HDMI ARC

  • Unique sound upgrade through HDSX sound technology based on PCM 2.0
  • digital multi-channel formats can be used in parallel
  • additionally HDSX.360 for virtual 3D sound stage with constant understandable dialogs
  • Ideal also for gaming over loudspeakers
  • Buy now ONLY HERE for only 120.98 € instead of 139,- € MSRP

HDSX TV Sound Optimizer Toslink

  • Lossless audio transmission thanks to Toslink
  • Unique sound upgrade through HDSX sound technology based on PCM 2.0
  • Compatible with all digital and analog sound systems
  • Additionally 360-degree HDSX.headphone surround sound for immersive sound when using headphones on the analog output
  • Also ideal for gaming with headphones
  • Buy now ONLY HERE for only 110.98 € instead of 129,- € MSRP

The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer: Patented technology sets new standards for a relaxed TV sound experience. Easy installation thanks to Plug & Play

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Thousands of customers are already convinced

For one year now, the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer has been conquering households in Germany. “Thanks for the engineering achievement!” or “An absolute buy recommendation!” are regular feedback in our reviews.

Test reports regularly award outstanding ratings to the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer:

satvision, issue 9/2022:
‘The special feature is…that even fluctuations or volume differences, which naturally occur during action-packed scenes, are reduced to a perfect level, but without cutting certain frequency ranges, as happens, for example, with the night mode of many sound systems.’

HDTV Magazine issue 3/2021:
‘Tonality changes significantly with the interposition of the HDSX-box: the focus is on speech intelligibility and ‘hear-through’. Thanks to the HDSX-box it is possible to equalize strongly fluctuating volume levels without nipping the general liveliness of the recording in the bud.’

The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer convinces

HDSX TV Sound Optimizer

I am simply thrilled. No more experiencing different sound fluctuations, yes that's a great listening experience... With music shows I always hear the same sound volume, it's a 1st class listening pleasure. You have a great device, which is worth the money.

Horst Schubert

HDSX TV Sound Optimizer

After just one day it is clear: The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer will not be given back! All promises are kept and the device simply works.

Kurt Harders

HDSX TV Sound Optimizer

We are very excited: the device offers a long-missed listening experience. Congratulations on this product that we will see in many households!

Holger Skidzun

HDSX TV Sound Optimizer

Viewed various blockbusters. Very balanced sound. During the initial installation, small problems with the required settings on the TV. The Kronoton team solved my problems very quickly...Super.

Olaf Daniszewski

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