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Perfectly balanced TV sound

To the Product

World first: the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer. Decide now against annoying volume fluctuations and for consistently clear dialogs. Experience the new freedom of television.

Consistent volume

No more commercials that are too loud, dialogues that are too quiet and constant readjustment via remote control. The cutting-edge technologies HDSX.volume and HDSX.speech optimise the sound in real time and in maximum sound quality.

Clear dialogue

Intelligent volume control in real time. Dialogue is intelligible throughout, whether it’s a heavy action scene or a quiet love scene. All dialogues are consistently intelligible.

Perfect integration

Whether it’s a soundbar, mobile speaker or hi-fi system: use the speaker system you have at home flexibly and simply plug the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer between the TV and the speaker system.

Uncompressed sound quality

Optical Toslink digital connections guarantee the highest sound quality thanks to the PCM stereo audio format.

Thoughtful design

Carefully designed for the perfect TV listening experience. Just the size of a palm, the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer can be mounted directly behind your TV. It is invisibly powered by the TV’s energy-efficient USB port.

Enveloped in sound.
Immersive and object-based audio formats, such as Virtual Dolby Atmos, are also optimized in real time. You are in the middle of the action and understand every word without volume fluctuations.


Best Sound

Intelligent volume control in real time. Massive action scenes retain their intensity. Dialogue is intelligible throughout, all programs and streaming services are equally loud. Easy on your ears and neighbors.

Highlight on top: 360-degree HDSX.headphone Surround Sound delivers immersive cinematic sound, when a headphone is connected to the output ANALOG.


The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer: Patented technology sets new standards for a relaxed TV sound experience. Easy installation thanks to Plug & Play.


Toslink Kabel 1,5m | HDSX CERTIFIED

This digital audio cable in optical Toslink format connects the HDSX TV Sound Optimizer in highest sound quality to a soundbar or amplifier.
Tested and certified by Kronoton for use with HDSX.

The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer is convincing


HDSX TV Sound Optimizer

I am simply thrilled. No more experiencing different sound fluctuations, yes that's a great listening experience... With music shows I always hear the same sound volume, it's a 1st class listening pleasure. You have a great device, which is worth the money.

Horst Schubert

HDSX TV Sound Optimizer

After just one day it is clear: The HDSX TV Sound Optimizer will not be given back! All promises are kept and the device simply works.

Kurt Harders

HDSX TV Sound Optimizer

We are very excited: the device offers a long-missed listening experience. Congratulations on this product that we will see in many households!

Holger Skidzun

HDSX TV Sound Optimizer

Viewed various blockbusters. Very balanced sound. During the initial installation, small problems with the required settings on the TV. The Kronoton team solved my problems very quickly...Super.

Olaf Daniszewski

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